Nokia Wireless Clip on Headset HS 21W - Pairing the headset with a compatible phone

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Pairing the headset with a compatible phone

1. Switch on your phone.

2. Switch on the headset.

3. Enter the Bluetooth menu of your phone, and make sure that the Bluetooth

feature is activated.

4. Enter the submenu where you can set the phone to search for Bluetooth

devices, and start the search.

5. Select the headset from the list.

6. Enter the passcode 0000 to associate ("pair") and connect the headset to your

phone. In some phones you may need to make the connection separately. See
the user guide of your phone for details.

Once you have entered the passcode, your phone becomes the default phone
for the headset, if the headset was not previously paired with another phone.
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Using the headset with several phones

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The headset beeps and appears in the phone menu where you can view the
Bluetooth devices that are currently paired with your phone.

7. Start using the headset (see page